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CIRG is a full-service, luxury real estate residential & commercial brokerage representing clients and companies worldwide in a broad spectrum of real estate needs, including residential, residential leasing and luxury vacation rentals, commercial development, resort & hotel properties, asset management, commercial lending, investments, and property management. Our core strengths include our ability to source deals not accessible to the open market as well as uphold our reputation as a world class real estate firm.

Mal-Comm Brokerage & Real Estate Group (“MBREG”) was founded to facilitate and incorporate all the wealth of services that a company such as MBREG can afford its clients. MBREG is involved with the acquisition and deposition of real estate in both the commercial and residential markets; property management and leasing services; asset management; commercial lending; and through affiliated businesses, MBREG can assist in referring NMLS licensed lenders for 1-4 unit residential loans. MBREG’s specialty is in NNN Properties, Asset Management and Multifamily Acquisitions and Property Management.

Since its inception in 2008, the Capital Investment Realty Group was established as a high-end boutique brokerage firm that has specialized in the representation of high net-worth individuals, mainly from the sports and entertainment sectors, who sought to purchase, lease, and sell luxury residential real estate in Los Angeles.  After representing hundreds of the top names in the industry and successfully achieving record-breaking sales and leases throughout the years, it was time for CIRG to expand its offering to better service their clients in the world of commercial real estate.

When the opportunity arose for MBREG to join forces and provide the perfect partnership, both company offerings were incorporated into one to provide “a Full Circle of Real Estate Services” to our clients. By merging their clients’ roster, resources, and impeccable network, a powerful synergy was created known as CIRG Brokerage.

CIRG extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It is the equisential 360 degree provider of luxury real estate brokerage, vacation rentals, asset management, commercial brokerage, commercial lending, asset management and other essential real estate services. It prides itself on connecting companies, athletes, and entertainers with solutions for renters, buyers, sellers, developers and investors across the globe.

Patrick Michael is the co-founder of CIRG Brokerage Inc and serves as the President/Broker.  Patrick is also the Founder of LA Estate Rentals, a premier luxury vacation rental company. Prior to entering his real estate career, Patrick was a minority partner and Marketing Director of Joya Beverly Hills, a prestigious lounge, restaurant, and bar in Beverly Hills. He has also been involved in various start-up ventures such as the clothing line, Rebel Lifestyle/Rebel Jeans; and luxury car company, Beverly Hills Automotive.

After attending Loyola Marymount University’s Hilton School of Business for both undergraduate and graduate programs, Patrick went on to receive his Real Estate Broker’s License in 2006. In 2008, he opened up a boutique brokerage firm with the help of Jonathan Massaband, Capital Investment Realty Group, which would focus on the luxury residential real estate market.

His company, LA Estate Rentals, started approximately eight years ago as a niche business opportunity to service owners of high-end luxury homes that were stagnant during the 2008 recession. Creating a temporary income stream that turned these homes into cash-flowing assets, a new company was born as a niche within the brokerage firm. LA Estate Rentals has been a thriving business ever since. Furthermore, LA Estate Rentals has continued to climb the charts in being one of the top 2 most prominent and influential vacation rental companies in Los Angeles. With an ever-growing portfolio of over 350 luxury vacation rental properties, this company anticipates scaling globally with its successful track-record and A-list global roster of the most well-known entertainers, athletes, tech moguls, CEOs, and royal families.

As of 2017, Patrick Michael has strategically partnered up with Simon Malak to create CIRG Brokerage Inc., where Patrick Michael serves as the President / Broker-Associate of the company.

Jonathan Massaband is a senior sales agent for CIRG Brokerage located in Beverly Hills. Jonathan has been in the real estate industry for almost 17 years and obtained his license in 2006. He received his BA in History from UCLA.  He worked as a law clerk at a real estate law firm for 6 years.  He then took a dive into real estate management & construction which lead him into real estate banking at Bank of America.

Jonathan Massaband works hard to always stay on the cutting edge with the latest real estate technology. He has the drive to always be on top of the new and keep his clients equipped with the most current real estate knowledge and luxury homes around. Whether it be for his buyers or sellers Jonathan is customer driven and dedicated to achieving results and providing exceptional service. Jonathan has assisted in dozens of residential and commercial sales transactions. He and his team are recognized in the community as true real estate professionals. Jonathan’s services include residential & commercial sales and leasing.